Sunday, May 13, 2018

It's School Carnival Time! (Including Cricut Design Space, Google Docs, Flipgrid links)

Ms. Bower, Roving Reporter HQ,
a mobile 'booth' at our school Carnival
Well, if that isn't a picture of fun I don't know what is. Haha! On Friday, we had our end of school year Carnival and Field Day. My 'booth' was mobile as I walked the school supervising 15 2nd-5th grade videographers as they videotaped events in Pre-K through 5th grade classes and on the field. In this post, I want to share my process, resulting photos and Cricut Design Space files for our 'uniforms'.

Student Roving Reporter hats
and Press Pass ID Badges
Each student received a hat and Press Pass ID Badge. The press passes have a Flipgrid QR code to the secure website (intentionally blurred in this photo) where the videos will be posted for families and staff. Parents scanned the QR code with Snapchat (primarily) so they'd have the link. (P.S. With Flipgrid, it's easy to build community and share with those in your organization. Interested? Scan the QR code in the badge at the end of this post to go to Flipgrid for more details.)

Student Roving Reporter Hats
Hats: I bought packaged 'Happy Birthday' hats with flexible, accordion-type headbands. I cut off the BI and AY as they stuck out past my design. I designed the WiFi symbol from elements available in Cricut Design Space (through DS Access) and spliced, welded and modified until I liked it. Here's the link for the design I glued on the front of the words 'Happy **irthd**' on the hats: 

My 'Roving Reporter HQ' shirt,
designed in Cricut Design Space
My Shirt: Next, I modified that design to create my shirt for the event. It has my school's name and 'Roving Reporter HQ' as the students periodically checked in with me when they saw me around our campus. Note that I ironed the design on a shirt that matched the second color in the student hat design (lime green, in my case). Here's the link to the Cricut DS file:

Press Pass ID Badge (with QR code to Flipgrid info)
Press Passes: Finally, I grabbed the Flipgrid QR code for our school's Flipgrid and imported it into the badge I created. Here's a link to a Google Doc with the Google Drawing (Just click 'FILE' > 'MAKE A COPY' and then change the information to your school's event). The QR code in this photo is to the Flipgrid introduction page. All linked information about Flipgrid is free. It is not an affiliate link. Both Flipgrid and the Flipgrid app are free to use. I'm just sharing what works well for me. Cheers!

If you have any questions or issues accessing these files, please let me know. I hope you enjoy this makerspace project.

All the best,

Saturday, May 12, 2018

May CTMH Stamp of the Month: Classic Summer Bash

Close To My Heart 
May Stamp of the Month: 

Classic Summer Bash
only available May 1–31, 2018

CTMH May Stamp of the Month: Classic Summer Bash

I love everything about Mason jars so I was very excited to discover that the May Stamp of the Month includes a mason jar along with lemons, summer party invite phrases, and even little ice cubes. So perfect! 

Here is a sample scrapbooking page:

and a sample card:


I'll be adding more samples as I make them. Want to see something special with this stamp set? Post in the comments and I'll give it my best shot. Happy May!